Dating When Homeless

This is an interesting topic. Not that I'm dating anyone or intend to in my situation. I have enough problems and I'm a very private person so telling anyone is out of the question. If I did date someone I wouldn't tell the truth about my current situation. Partly because I think it's none of anyone's business. I'm sure potential partners might think otherwise. Besides, all of my other relationships have failed why would one in this situation work?

Your Shelter Or Mine is an interesting article. Would You Date A Homeless Person If You Found Out? really puts into perspective what the majority of society thinks about homelessness and relationships. Most of the posters all said the same thing. This is only a very small percentage of people but reflects what many think in our society. The general consensus is that homeless people shouldn't be in relationships, having sex or dating. Which to a certain degree is accurate. They really should be concentrating on get…

Introduction To Romance Scams

Okay, people reading my blog might wonder why I signed up for a dating site when I'm essentially homeless. I know it sounds kind of ridiculous. But even people living off the grid(as I like to call it) want love, affection and companionship. But doing so under normal circumstances is very, very hard especially for a woman approaching 50. Try doing it when you're without a home and it's even harder. I'm not sure what I was thinking. If I met someone, he'd somehow understand. Well, that's not the case. But in reality I wanted a friend, someone to talk to. It gets lonely on the road as many of those in my situation can attest to.
So I signed up for EHarmony which is a complete waste of money, Plenty Of Fish(free, I've been with them off and on for the last year) and Badoo(also free but mostly scammers) just to see what was out there. What I encountered on EHarmony within a week or so was a romance scammer. Of course I didn't know that to begin with. It was…

Ashland Kentucky

I left Ashland this morning. Not that I wanted to but I'm getting really tired of sleeping in my small hatchback and I need a change. I'm not sure how much better sleeping in the bigger car will be but it will be different. The 2001 Taurus I had(with steering wheel shifter) wasn't bad. It's better than a Taurus with floor shifter which is still better than a small hatchback.

It's also coming up time for the North Carolina Apple Festival. My ex husband and I always go to that. We both love to dance. Since he hurt his back I don't know how much dancing he can do but I'd still like to go. Plus it's going to start getting cold and I hate letting my engine idle to stay warm so I will head to Florida. I have some things to take care of first. I need to salvage as many clothes as I can from that falling down house, get the car he's driving cleaned up and ready so I can drive it. I'm hoping once I get some of this stuff done, maybe go to the apple festi…

Living In A Car On $800 A Month

For the past couple of hours I've been watching Youtube videos trying to get some ideas on what I could do to make it more confortable living in a car. I would like one day to get into a van but right now that's not possible.
I watched several on vans but that's not really useful to me right now. It gives me ideas though.

Here's a link to a video that I found interesting, Living In A Car On $800 A Month.
This lady is 64 and disabled. At one time she was in a wheelchair. Her vehicle is a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am. It's about the size of what I'm in right now. She spends much of her time in Nevada/Arizona where she can camp on public land. I'm on the east coast so there's no public land plus I'd just be terrified out in the middle of nowhere in the desert. Not of the wildlife but of people. Who knows how many Ed Gein's there might be wandering around. No thank you.

The one thing I definitely disagree with is making a makeshift toilet in the car. Howev…


So I leave Marion, Ohio this morning and am now in Kentucky. I didn't sleep real good last night. I got cold early in the morning shortly before dawn. Right after I started my car to get warm I heard the guy in the van next to me who'd also slept in the walmart parking lot start it up(he had that reflectives tint, gold on the all back windows, silver on the front, pretty cool looking but obvious he slept in it). He left within a few minutes. I woke up two or three times early this morning then fell back to sleep and slept really hard with weird dreams. I finally had to go to the bathroom so bad I went inside walmart.
I looked at the weather and it's dropping down to upper 40's even though it's august. I decided I should probably leave as I hate letting my engine idle. I know what it did to my 2001 Ford Taurus. I ended up having to have a valve job because of all the idling. Who knows I may still have to but no point in making it happen sooner and it uses too much f…


Upper Sandusky, Ohio was my next stop after Tiffin. I thought I would stay even though walmart didn't have very good wifi. I assumed mcdonalds would be fine to access in the parking lot. This turned out not to be the case. I finally stopped at wendy's and watched an episode of Paranormal Survivor on youtube and a documentary on the disappearance of a 20 year old girl. I was falling asleep by the end.

I left this morning and made it to my next stop 20 miles down the road only to hit a fairly high bump/curb near the walmart parking lot. All four of my rims are already bent. I thought it looked as though it was bent enough to possibly flatten the tire. I called around to salvage yards and found one nearly 20 miles away that said they had some to fit my car. It was a wasted trip. When I got there I was informed they didn't. Apparently, the guy that runs the office doesn't know what's going on out in the yard or what parts they have or don't have. An utterly wasted …

Got Woken Up Last Night

I was in a small town in Ohio yesterday. About 2 AM a police officer raps on my window wanting to know if I'm okay. He was nice. I could barely get awake because I slept very poorly the night before with my back hurting. He didn't tell me to leave only that if walmart told me to I'd have to. I understand how that drill works. All in all, I'd rather have a police officer wake me than management because I have to leave immediately. It doesn't matter how tired I am. I told the officer I was too tired to drive further and needed to rest. He was fine with it and left.
I left this morning and found yet another small town. This one is very small but has a walmart and a couple of truck stops with almost no parking. But I figure it will suffice for a couple of days. I prefer a walmart with good wifi which this one doesn't have but Mcdonalds can be accessed from the parking lot. I'm trying to save as much money as I can this month. Next month I will lose about half o…